Scout + Lilly is a small line of home and personal accessories with a modern and unique edge. Kathleen Krueger Turner, owner and founder, designs and creates all pieces by hand in her home studio. Each of her products combines her love of contrast, bold details, and a mixture of textures. She often creates items using traditional motifs and methods while incorporating a modern element. Leather, metallics, felt, linen, and canvas are often combined for a textural and unexpected product that you will use and adore for years.

Kathleen is a native Texan. When she was 28 years old, she began studying printmaking on her own, and, as a result, Scout + Lilly was started. Since then, she has branched into other artistic pursuits, including leather working and sewing. She finds it very difficult to focus on just one pursuit, and Scout + Lilly is a reflection of this constant desire to create. She currently lives in the Dallas area with her husband, Nick, and two dogs, Lola and Mabel.