Hullo hullo hullo! I hope all is well with you and yours! I’m sweating more than a hooker in church in this heat, but what else is new? In an effort to increase my bloggy and general web output, I’ve started an official SCOUT + LILLY newsletter! I figure it’s a good way to keep all you cool cats and hip chicks in the know with what is going on here on my end. I’ll be sending out discounts, notices about sales, introducing new products, and all that goodness via this fancy newsletter. Sounds pretty legit, eh? And best of all, I’ll be sending out emails no more frequently than once per week. ONCE PER WEEK! No spam! Hurray! Unless … Read More


Wedding Inspiration: A Day at an Alpaca Farm

A few months ago, I had the honor of participating in a wedding editorial shoot with some other amazing Texan makers and artists. Leslie Acevedo of Everly Alaine Florals asked me to provide the paper goods and calligraphy, and it was so much fun. And best of all, IT WAS ON AN ALPACA FARM. AN ALPACA FARM, I TELL YOU. It was amazing. For realz. And second best of all? IT WAS FEATURED ON 100 LAYER CAKE. Mind = BLOWN. So anyway, you wanna see some photos? BECAUSE THEY’RE AMAZING. See those? I DID THOSE. To be honest, I was pretty freaked at the idea of creating a custom invitation suite for a non-existent wedding, but in the end, it … Read More

KATHLEENWedding Inspiration: A Day at an Alpaca Farm


Well, I've *finally* updated the shop with a whole new slew of items. From pennants to prints, I gotcha covered! It took quite a while - I fought a serious case of creator's block and had to put some unruly equipment to task. But it's all done! I'm really quite happy with everything, to be honest. I've been working on the Tacos pennant for a while - it took testing a few methods to get it to where I like it. So anywho, I hope y'all like it! xo Kat


IT'S HEEEEEEEEEEERRRREEE! The Jingle Bash is coming up, y'all. GET READY! For those of you who don't know of it, the Jingle Bash is a BIG show hosted by Etsy Dallas every fall. There are TONS of sellers from all over, and it's really, really great. So be there. November 15th, 11 am to 5 pm. YAAAAAAAY!


Well it’s been a helluva few weeks, guys. Last weekend, the huz and I went to Austin for Brit+Co’s Re:Make show at the Palmer Events Center. It was stellar, to say the least. I’ve only done a handful of shows, but last weekend gave me the courage to do more. We met some truly amazing people (hi, guys!), including Lauren of Beta Wife, Tippy of Matter Inc., Morgana and Gerren of Satchel & Sage, Daniella and Sandrine of Monorail Studio, the awesome group at MakeATX, Brandy of Pigsey Art, Esther of estieMade, Anna Tovar, and a whole bunch of other people. Seriously, I cannot name them all. It was so much fun. I would show some photos, but apparently I … Read More



Hullo! So I've been having a lot of fun around here. Things have been nothing but mayhem and chaos, but it's been fun. Been playing with new fabrics, new ideas, new products. I've posted some new things in the shop - some new natural leather and brass key fobs, some fun new banners. I've really enjoyed working with leather, especially untreated leather. It really takes shape the more you use it, starting beautifully clean and fresh, and ending soft and worn. And FELT. Oh, you guys, felt. It's wonderful.  It's like fabric that you don't have to hem. MIRACLES! And it's just so pretty - especially when silk screened with phrases like HELL YES. So yes, I've updated the shop ... Read More


It is with a somewhat heavy heart that I need to tell y’all that I will be discontinuing my Otomi line of prints. This was a big decision for me to make, as they are one of the first products I started making and are definitely a crowd favorite. But fear not – something new and fresh will be listed in their stead! I have updated the shop with the remaining stock of each color, and when they sell out, I will no longer stock them. Thank you for all the love on these prints – y’all make me feel like such a lucky gal! xo



Do you live in Texas? No? WHY NOT? You should change that, if you ask me. (Ok, I probably shouldn’t judge, but whatever. Texas is pretty awesome.) If you DO live in Texas, you should swing by Austin on May 3rd and 4th for the Brit + Co Re:Make show at the Palmer Events Center. It will be STELLAR. STELLAR, I TELL YOU. There will be about million other artists and cool people (I exaggerate, but whatever) selling really awesome stuff, and Brit + Co will be putting on demonstrations and other neat-o activities. Yours truly will be there with my bearded man-servant and co-conspirator. I’ll be selling never-seen goods as well as some crowd favorites. Get ready – for … Read More



Dudes. Welcome, welcome to the new Scout &! It was forever on the back burner for me, but I *finally* took the time to get it done (instead of taking the cop-out method of having it redirect to my Etsy shop). After much swearing and grumbling worthy of Walter Mathau, I did it. So yay! I’m pretty pleased with it. For now. Y’all know how much I change my mind. I’ll keep updating it and whatnot – probably with photos of behind-the-scenes junk and whatever fun crap I can find. PLUGINS! WIDGETS! FANCY INTERWEBS TOYS! Ok, back to terrible TV and custom work for a super special lady. xo


oh HELLO there!

Ok, I’m terrible at this blog thing. Seriously. How y’all been? Doing well? Good. Glad to hear it. A lot has happened since my last post, which was… let’s see…. the 4th of July. OOPS. In a nutshell, I’ve: + started selling with BRIKA, which is really, really fun. Check them out! (That was a very weird situation for me. I’ve never been interviewed in a for-realsies kind of way EVER, so it was awkward. Plus, having photos taken of you is WAY STRANGE, even if done by a close friend.) + been to Paris + had an existential crisis regarding life, the universe, and everything (particularly this shop space) + recovered from the existential crisis + tested some new … Read More