So I’ve been having a lot of fun around here. Things have been nothing but mayhem and chaos, but it’s been fun. Been playing with new fabrics, new ideas, new products.

I’ve posted some new things in the shop – some new natural leather and brass key fobs, some fun new banners.

I’ve really enjoyed working with leather, especially untreated leather. It really takes shape the more you use it, starting beautifully clean and fresh, and ending soft and worn.

And FELT. Oh, you guys, felt. It’s wonderful. ┬áIt’s like fabric that you don’t have to hem. MIRACLES! And it’s just so pretty – especially when silk screened with phrases like HELL YES.

So yes, I’ve updated the shop with a few little things. More are on the way and will be up soon!



One Comment on ““NEW GOODIES”

  1. Sharon Quate

    Could you make a banner from orange felt that says Be Brave. What is the size of the banner and the cost.

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