Well it’s been a helluva few weeks, guys. Last weekend, the huz and I went to Austin for Brit+Co’s Re:Make show at the Palmer Events Center. It was stellar, to say the least. I’ve only done a handful of shows, but last weekend gave me the courage to do more. We met some truly amazing people (hi, guys!), including Lauren of Beta Wife, Tippy of Matter Inc., Morgana and Gerren of Satchel & Sage, Daniella and Sandrine of Monorail Studio, the awesome group at MakeATX, Brandy of Pigsey Art, Esther of estieMade, Anna Tovar, and a whole bunch of other people. Seriously, I cannot name them all. It was so much fun. I would show some photos, but apparently I only took some of my booth. Because I totally think ahead. But if you check out other sellers’ feeds, there are TONS of photos.

Anywho. Re:Make was slightly auspicious because I released the new line of Otomi prints that have replaced my old line. All new designs, two new colors. The option to buy all three as a set will be available soon.  I’m really excited about these, guys. I have been working on them for a while, and I think they really came out great. SO EXCITED, GUYS.

Hokay. That’s all for now!



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