happy 4th, y’all

Oh, how I need this weekend SO VERY BADLY. Our plans are to head to a friend’s house where we’ll grill, lie by the pool, drink, and just be totally and completely lazy. I’M SO EXCITED. The weather here has been beyond wonderful – this week alone, the highs have been in the low 90s. Unheard of for July in Texas. I’m working on some new designs that’ll be coming soon to the shop – no, really! I know I’ve been a little loose with posting and keeping promises (some really incredible side projects have come up that I just couldn’t pass up). But seriously. New stuff. Coming soon. I’m not lying. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears … Read More

KATHLEENhappy 4th, y’all


OH. EM. GEE. I have the BEST news. No, seriously. THE BEST. Guess who has two thumbs and is going to be a seller at the Etsy Pop-Up Shop at the West Elm in Dallas on June 1st? THIS GIRL. That’s right, IMMA SELLER AT WEST ELM! AND I’M SO EXCITED. (also a little terrified, but mostly excited!) This’ll be my first show ever, and I can hardly believe that it’s an Etsy Pop-Up at West Elm. For serious. I’m wigging out over here. If you’re in the area on June 1st, stop by and say hi! We’ll be at the Mockingbird Station West Elm. If you can’t come by, send all the good juju you can muster, because this … Read More


a few updates

Well hullo there! How ARE you? Things are chugging along over here in the big D. The weather is as schizophrenic as ever – two days ago, it was 85 out and GORGEOUS, but today it’s 45. I expect that my plants are planning a full-out rebellion. Anywho, I thought I’d catch you up on the happenings with Scout & Lilly. 1. We are officially available in THREE brick and mortar locations! I’m SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS THAT I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF. (Notice the caps usage. SERIOUSLY. EXCITED.) The first is the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. And if you know me, you know how crazy ridiculous I get about museum stores. If you’re in Boulder and hankerin for … Read More

KATHLEENa few updates

on being stuck.

Oh, you guys…. I’m stuck. Like, seriously stuck. I have SO MANY IDEAS bouncing around in my head and scrawled through my sketchbooks, but I cannot seem to bridge the gap between THINKING and DOING. This is the problem with a small creative business, in my opinion. You want to do all the things. But then there’s the time. And the money. And the fact that you cannot do all the things because your shop will look like the darkest recesses of a hoarder’s coat closet. You know the closet – the one where, unbeknownst to the hoarder, four pregnant cats have set up shop and are about to unleash kittenpalooza amongst all the doll arms and now-vintage cans of … Read More

KATHLEENon being stuck.

valentine’s day sale!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we’re having a sale! EVERYTHING in the shop is marked down 15%! The last day of the sale is Saturday, so act quickly!

KATHLEENvalentine’s day sale!

valentine’s day with scout & lilly

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and Scout & Lilly has TONS of stuff for your lady or dude friend.How about something for the house: 1. limited edition myrtle print // 2. handmade talavera throw pillow // 3. neon pink bunnie otomi print // 4. rustic white vintage shelf with heart-shaped brackets // 5. “I Got This” print // 6. crimson red otomi print // 7. neon pink talavera cotton tote bag … or maybe something shiny: 1. vintage Indian silver plated box // 2. antique white rose pin // 3. vintage floral brooch // 4. gold rose earrings // 5. starburst beaded handbag // 6. vintage wood bead necklace // 7. sputnik rhinestone pin // 8. gold evening … Read More

KATHLEENvalentine’s day with scout & lilly

new handmade goods!

Well…. um… hello! It’s been a while, eh? What with the holidays and all the associated chaos, there wasn’t time for a whole lot of anything (except being hella lazy, which there’s ALWAYS time for). I’ve got some new stuff in the shop – just added today! Been working like mad to get stuff made. There are new prints and tote bags, and I’ve printed some crazy fun vintage pillow cases. Check it out! xo

KATHLEENnew handmade goods!

merriest of merries, chums and chumettes!

You guys. I cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am for all the support and love y’all have been sending me these past six months of teensy business ownership. From internet pals posting Scout & Lilly goodies on their blogs to the most excellent customers a gal could ask for, you wonderful people have given me the confidence to keep on truckin, even though it’s been pretty rough at times. So thank you, thank you, thank you!! I lurve you guys so very very much! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2013! I have a few new things on the horizon. I’m working on expanding my handmade line, and these pillows are just a bit … Read More

KATHLEENmerriest of merries, chums and chumettes!

new prints and vintage stuff!

Whew! Well, I’ve done it! I’ve updated the shop again, and this time with some of my favorite items yet. First up, PRINTS! I’ve been experimenting with printing on cotton and stitching onto heavyweight, acid-free card stock, and I am LOVING the outcome. There are currently three designs available: the cobalt blue P├íjaro Print the neon pink Conejo Print, and the limited-edition white Myrtle Print. Each original design is hand-screened onto unbleached cotton then stitched onto card stock with a raw edge. In addition, I’ve added some great new items to the shop, including some fantastic vintage turquoise beads, some more anchor hooks and wall-mounted bottle openers in a variety of colors, a shelf, some vintage spools, and a fun … Read More

KATHLEENnew prints and vintage stuff!


I hope everyone had a delicious and awesome Thanksgiving! To help you keep celebrating, we’re having a 20% off sale until Monday in the shop!Head to the shop to see what’s available! (LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!)